Good Morning!

It's 4:00am, I'm wide awake. I woke up at 3:30 and did some laundry and made coffee. The steroids mess with my sleep patterns, but I enjoy waking up this early. The house is so quiet...

Last night was fun, I worked at the food bank for a couple of hours. Since I've gotten sick, I had to scale back, so when I work there, I'm really happy.

Having MM is a journey and I'm not sure it's such a bad one. I've changed a lot. My life has more meaning and I don't take anything for granted. Many people wake up and go about their day, working, cleaning house, taking care of kids, shopping, etc. They don't appreciate the fact that they can easily do those things. When this first started, life came to a screeching halt, after the surgery I couldn't even go to the bathroom without help. It took months of recovery to get back to my new normal. Now I appreciate the fact that I'm walking, I can do most normal activities. Mountain climbing, parachuting, race car driving, mud wrestling and shoeing horses is out of the question now, but that's okay, I wasn't planning on doing those things anyway.

God Bless you, YOU Understand; life is all good, most people are just to blind to see.

Thank you, I am not alone