Success Story!

Hi just wanted to stop in and give some encouragement to those who are having ups and down. I haven't posted in awhile but found it necessary to post my husband:s success story. I would have to first give praise and glory and honor to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now, here is my husbands story. On Feb of this year my husband was diagnosed with MM stage 3a high risk. He had just turned 40 two months ago. This was a devastating blow to our faith but we kept believing that everything would workout. In spite of the doctors telling us the survivor rate was 5 years, we kept believing God. My husband was placed on a cocktail of target chemo medication called dex,velcade,revelimid. He took these medications for 4 months until he underwent his first stem cell transplant. He experienced some neuorpathy in his feet arms and legs, muscle cramping and some bone pain, however, he got through it. He was told to take B6 twice a day to help the neuropathy and to drink gatorade for the cramping. This seemed to help him. Finally the results were in from the first stem cell transplant. My husband was in "Total Remission" everything was back to normal and there was "No Further Damage to HIS Bones. This was within five months from the day he was told he had this terrible disease. So we waited 3 months later and he underwent a second stem cell transplant. During these transplants he was hospitalized for ten days each because of something called mucousits. He had trouble swallowing and was given antibiotics and fluids which helped keep his weight up. We are now on day 21 after his second stem cell and he is doing great. His liver enzymes are up alittle but all is well. I pray for each one of you on this site that God would hear your prayers and that you keep putting your trust in Him because with Him all things are possible.

Congratulations! Getting through that much treatment sounds like quite the ordeal. You deserve some time to celebrate. My wife hasn't started treatment yet. The doctors want us to wait. So I don't know what that is all like first hand, but I imagine it was something you are glad to be able to put behind you.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks. We have learned to take it one day at a time. It's a process. patients and pray works.

God Bless:)

Miracles happen and every day is a blessing. I wish you and your husband the best and will also pray for his full recovery.

I just turned 53 and year and a half ago I was diagnosed with stage I MM. At that time my spine was severely damaged with a broken L1 and another 2 compressed vertebrae, and I could not get up without taking analgesic shots. Due to this damage, I lost 2 inches in height. I was also given dex, cyclophosphamide, talidomide and zometa, and underwent 10 dosis of radiotherapy. The treatment prove to be extremely effective: one month later I stopped taking analgesics, 2.5 months later I stopped using a cane, I achieved remission after 4 months of treatment, soon I began to excercise again, and last Christmas I was able to play tennis with a friend for an hour!!!

I was then offered a SCT which I decided to postpone as I did not find enough evidence that such treatment would increase neither my life expectancy nor my quality of life, and after considering the potential side effects and the survival rate. Your husband was very brave after choosing a tandem SCT that seems worked fine for him. Congratulations!!!

Best wishes,

God is Good, all the time no matter what.