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I will know tomorrow if I qualify as a success story or not, will let you guys know

fingers crossed Rodney.

Good luck and positive thoughts.

Good luck to all :slight_smile:

Hello all, I did get a verbal answer from the clinical nurse, all my numbers dropped in half so I am showing a good response, I just have not received any thing formal from the doctors. If what she told me is correct I should almost be in remission(I hope). I am not scheduled to restart any maintenance therapy until 11/1/13 as they felt I needed a break to recoup. I was getting a lot of discomfort in my feet and legs due to the side effects, it is mostly gone at this point so all will restart this Friday. I also see the oncology doctor so I should have a few answers, however the most recent tests were with the transplant doctor and they may not have relayed the results. For me life continues as normal, all of this is just an inconvenience at this point and I consider that to be a success in itself...

awesome news Rodney!

Hello All my friends, I have had MM for almost three years now, been through the transplant and have been on revlimid, decadron and velcade for most of the time. The transplant was only partially effective and did not make MM go away completely. However with having aggressive maintenance therapy for the 10 months following the transplant the MM has become almost undetectable . My numbers are so suppressed and low that my oncologist felt it was time to modify my drugs. I am off velcade and decadron, feeling great and can continue to live life as normal. My energy level is returning and I feel that I have reached a mile stone in my treatments. My friends and fellow patients, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I know MM will return, but giving me a break from the worst drugs will allow my body to heal so I will be ready for him when he decides to come back. Just like the monkey on my back, I know he is still there but for the present time he is at rest, so I can get some rest also.

What a Christmas gift I have received, thank you all for your friendship and caring advice.


Beautiful note Rodney. I'm so happy for you. I hope you don't mind if I share your note with the Ben's Friends Donors. It's really incredible and is what we are all about.

Rodney, you are a success story in my book, I love your journey, your positive thoughts and your strenght

August was one year since my Stem Cell Transplant. Just had a Bone Biopsy in February and everything looks great.

Other than the constant pain that this cancer has left me with you would never know I had it. Everyone at USC in LA were amazing. I'm unable to sit, stand, walk or even lay down for more than an hour or two max due to pain. i'm on Morphine and Percocet when the pain is really bad. I have an appointment for a Kyphoplasty for my Vertebrae, Would love to hear from anyone has had this procedure and where in the body they had it. There is a smal risk of parallysis which scares me tremendously, but my spine is weak and starting to curve and this will strengthen it and possibly releave some pain.

Brace, I am so sorry to hear of your trouble, I have followed your story closely, January was a year for me since my transplant. Did they put you any kind of maintenance therapy? I have been on aggressive maintenance therapy including Zometta for the bones.

Good luck my friend


Rodney. I just finished my 4th Zometa as well