Spine Doctor

I saw my spine doctor today and he's very pleased with how my back is healing. I don't have to go back for another six months. But I still can't lift more than 15 pounds. That's kind of a pain, especially since I'm moving next month.

Today is steroids day. Oh boy. I don't mind taking them but they do strange things to your body. They mess with your sleep. Last night I actually went to bed late because my brother flew in from California. At 2:00 I was still awake, I just couldn't sleep. Then I kept getting up and by 6:30 I gave up. Then in a few days I'll crash and sleep the day and night away. Also my weight has shot up. From the swelling from the steroids and having quite the appetite, I'm at an all time high. Cooking is my favorite thing. Yesterday I made Bobby Flay's banana cream pie. Yum, it's pretty darn good.