Lots of Fun

Oh what a week I've had! I'd rather concentrate on settling in after my move, but instead I had to concentrate on my health. Shoot.

Thursday I saw the oncologist and because of a prolapsed disc I was a little distracted and in a whole lot of pain. My blood pressure was high because of the pain. I was a little distracted. After the visit I trotted over to the hospital for Velcade and Zometa, they had to give me Dilaudid to reduce the pain so they could do the treatments.

I got Velcade for the first time and the next day I was pretty sick, but I don't know if it was the pain meds or the Velcade. I think it was the pain meds, they never sit well.

I finally went to the ER on Monday for pain management, the pain was off the charts. They did an MRI and thank goodness there weren't any new tumors or old for that matter. They got a hold of my spne doctor and he was able to set up an appointment with radiology for yesterday to take care of the inflammation surrounding the disc.

In radiology they had to do a cat scan and they put a needle in the front of my neck, that was so strange. Not painful, but weird sensations when they hit certain nerves. The injected steroids which should help. My neck is a bit sore today, but this really helped.

Multiple Myeloma is a tricky disease, it requires a lot of attention. For the first time in my life I have to pay attention to my body and take care of myself. I used to take care of everyone else and now I have to switch focus. It's been hard.