For those days that you feel down

This was my reply to a recent post:

We all have to work through this myeloma journey in our own way. The sooner you can realize that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, the better off you will be. Take this time, to really find yourself, find that purposeful life that is so rewarding.

I still talk about myeloma a lot, I was diagnosed in July 2008, however it's my way of handling it. I too am on disability, however that has not made me unproductive in my own way. The other thing is that, things like your feet, can and do sometimes get better, so not all hurts and ailments that myeloma brings on are permanent.

Faith, Grace, Mercy, Hope, Love.. all of these things pass through my mind when I think of my myeloma journey and yes it does test all of them. One soon realizes to be thankful for the everyday little things.

You are very right, GOD is on your side and though we don't always get what we "want" from praying, he does give us what we "need".

So your life has changed, in a big way, however it is not ended and there is still much to do in this world...find your spot and go after it. If it's half days, it's half days, if its 15 minutes, its 15 minutes, make your mark.

You're probably saying at this point "that easy for her to say", you're right it's not easy, but don't let yourself slip into the "pity party", ok maybe once in awhile, but then get out of the chair and say who can I help today. Make that phone call to that elderly aunt that you haven't seen in months...

Well enough of me now, I will keep you in my prayers.

Keep forging ahead, be strong, you'll be fine.

Joyce S


Age 60

I love the way you have explained the journey that we are on, your faith shines through like the sun breaking through on a cloudy day

Thank You Very Much