What a difference a year makes; Living with Multiple Myeloma

I no longer have bad dreams of Multiple Myeloma and I find myself in such good spirits now. My life as I once knew it has change tremendously but I have found a new love; helping those with Multiple Myeloma. As I travel throughout the country as a patient speaker I have met so many people that have been brave enough to share their stories with me and others so that they will not feel alone going through the fight; and yes this journey is a fight. I have managed my anxiety by adding some holistic approaches to my plan of care such as massage therapy, energy balancing and exercise. My entire outlook has changed, and I plan to continue to find ways to help others while helping myself. I did take an anti-depressant the first 3 months after diagnosis as I could not stop crying. I didn't feel depressed, just sad. I no longer take any antidepressants and find myself in a good place.

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Glad to hear you are doing much better emotionally!

Take care,


Made up to hear you are in such good spirits. It shines through in your post :)