Multi Myeloma sleep problems

I had stem cell transplant 2 yrs. ago & have now had Myeloma 4 yrs. I can't sleep over 3-4 hrs. night. Does anyone else have that problem? It really takes a toil on you after awhile. Love to hear from you.


Have been being treated for Multiple Myeloma since June, after 2 months of tests. I have not slept more then 4 hours even with 10mg Ambien. My numbers are all going down and they are now talking possible stem cell harvest . Was really hoping that when I went into remission that the sleep would return.

Same here and I have discussed it several times with various doctors but they don't have an explanation and keep offering me sleeping pills which I always turn down so I also would be interested to know if it is more common. I thought if was just me (less active than I used to be). I had a stem cell transplant 4 yrs ago.

My Mom was diganosed back in Feburary and goes on waves with her sleep. Where either she can get sleep at night like a regular person or she is up all night and then naps all day. Or she can only sleep a few hours at night then naps all day. I mean either way she naps during the day, but she def doesnt sleep at night like she use to. We juat thought it was becuase of the chemo and steriods. She starts her transplant this month so I guess I can report bad in a few months if her sleep goes back to normal or statys like this. Sorry if this doesnt help.

Thanks for bringing this up for discussion!

I have been under going chemo for the last 13 months for MM. I have had very few nights that I actually slept all night. I have achieved remission and I'm now waiting for an evaluation for a transplant. I can only hope that my sleep returns to normal some time in the near future. I would be interested in any info you all can share for sleep or anything regarding the transplant. I know the docs will give me their point of view but I would like to hear from a patient that has gone through it.

I was given 0.5 mg Atavan (anxiety pill) while in hospital for transplant. It really worked that's only way can get 4-5 hrs. sleep I guess, I'm addicted which is worse that or no sleep? Cancer Dr. says, only take 3 times week. Family Dr. says, won't hurt such low dosage. I had stem cell transplant 2 yrs. ago. What's worse I can't nap during day. I'M not on chemo now nor since transplant.


I have been under treatment since July of 2011, in remission now and soon having a transplant. I have had problems all along, once in a while I take a sleeping pill but I try to avoid them. I find that the day I get velcade I can't sleep and when I do its not restfull.I have taken to a recliner that night and let the tv on low and it seems to help.I never seem to get more than 5 hours even on a good night. I find that if I go to bed early(when tired) that I will wake early and feel good untill mid afternoon, then I just want to crash.