Trouble Sleeping Since my wife's diagnosis

Ever since my wife was diagnosed I have been having trouble falling asleep. Some nights I don't make it at all. The next day I will pass out a few times for a short nap here and there when there is a pause in activity, but then the next night it will still be hard to fall asleep.

Is anyone else having a similar experience?

Hello, I completely understand. I'll make a suggestion that you may or may not find helpful. When my husband was going through MM treatment, I had the same problem. But, what do you take without being really drowsy? I wanted to rest, but I couldn't be "out of it" in case I had to attend to him. So, I started taking 1/2-1 mg of Lorazepam (anti-anxiety that most multiple myeloma patient's are already on) with the doctor's approval. It takes that "edge" off, and allows you to relax with no drowsiness in the morning. I was also able to bounce right up in the middle of the night, if necessary. In fact, one night I ended up taking him to the emergency room in the middle of the night! Not a problem with that medication.

I hope that this helps you. I wish you all of the best, and hope that your wife gets along great with her treatment!


It certainly doesn't hurt you to see your Doctor about this, it's important that you get your rest. They can help with possible meds and other non-med relaxation ideas.

If you're a Christian, prayer is always a relaxing thing to do and relinquishing all to a higher power before you go to sleep is helpful to many. Meditation, yoga, etc. The Mayo Clinic actually has a relaxation CD that you can purchase probably through their Mayo Store website.

If you're exercising too close to bedtime this can keep you awake too, along with drinking cafine too close to bedtime can be bothersome also.

Finding a good support group in your area would be a great idea, plus the online help you will find here.

Take care,

Joyce S

Yes, my husband has had it for 5 years now. And at first I couldn’t sleep from all the worry. It does get better with time. But, I do still have nights when I can’t sleep but not as many. I would go out and sit in the garage and cry.
Try to be positive…
Best wishes to you and you wife and keep an eye on the doctors…you have to be on top of it all the time. She will not be able to and will need you to keep an eye on things.

Hello All, such good advice from a caring group, as a patient I understand what mm can do to your body. I can also relate to the issue's it can cause to be a primary care giver as I have been there also. Giving all to God each day is where relief starts, then try to take the vitamin melatonin, it helps to bring on sleep with no side effects. Peace of mind and heart is what you need, then you can encourage your body to rest without the use of hard drugs. All of these will help your wife to cope as I am sure she has concern for you, talk to her about it, she need not worry about you as there is enough for her to be concerned about.

God Bless


Thank you all for your caring advice. I am going to try several of your suggestions and we will see what seems to work best for me. Once I get a good night rest or two, I will let you all know what worked best for me. My doctor recommended a new exercise program and melatonin.

Thank you all again. You are all wonderful.

Best wishes to you and your husband !!

I was wondering how you are making out