What Myeloma Means To Me

This is a personal take on what this disease means to me and how has affected my life. Just thought I'd put that out there...

I was diagnosed a year ago this month and it has been a wild ride. Not always a fun one, but definately life changing. With MM you learn the meaning of pain and you learn what you're made of. I've had a lot of support and realized just how good people can be and I've also seen the selfish side of humanity. People who you think care, disappear without a word. On the other hand, good people seem to come out of the woodwork.

MM is like planning on going on a vacation to somewhere exotic, warm and beautiful, You're in the plane heading for your destination and the plane is diverted. You no longer are heading to where you had planned. You're going to spend your time elsewhere and it's not where you had expected. But you're there and you need to make the best of it.

Thank you for sharing. It is true, it is not where we had expected!
I am still in a shock although I was diagnosed on April 2013. I finished my 4th cycle of treatment. I took Valcade for 2 cycles but could not telorat it, so I will start Revlimid next week.
Wish all of us the best.

I have to agree that people come and go throughout life, but you learn who your true friends are while going through the struggles and treatments that come with fighting with this disease. I have had 2 fund raisers done in my honor and that was mind blowing to me. I have always been a caregiver all my life, critical care nurse, and not use to having such enormous outpouring of love and affection shown to me. Multiple Myeloma is a tough disease to deal with and the major population has no idea what it is or what we are all going through. I am hoping to meet other people to help, educate and share experiences with.

Hopefully they will find cure soon.

I believe that the people who disappear from our lives are simply to scared of cancer to be around it, so I have forgiven and accepted it. For me it is my siblings and parents mostly, it was hard at first, but those people now in my life are my true family. I am so impressed with how we all handle this beast. For me it has been quite a journey as well. I just put it on youtube today and like to share. Here it is