What do you like to do to occupy your time with?

For those of you who aren't able to work any more. What do you like to do to fill your time? If you do crafts, what kind of a craft do you do?

I'm hoping all of us can share our ideas to help others (including myself) come up with new things that we can do to fill our time.

Thank you,

Ben, at first living life in the slow lane was hard to adjust to. Now it's become my new normal. I've learned to at least do one thing a week to spoil myself. I might go to a movie, eat at one of my favorite restaurants, nap all afternoon, try new recipes, reconnect with old friends, etc. My favorite time is when I'm infused with Zometa. It takes anywhere from two to four hours. The infusion center has big comfy recliners so I lean back and watch a movie, read or play games on my tablet. It's very relaxing. I also make sure I schedule at lunch time because the hospital cafeteria has an awesome salad bar.

Day to day activities include knitting, watching TV, volunteering at the foodbank where I interview new clients and do other light duties, nap, walk the dogs and cook.

Hiya....... when I am feeling okay I like to come online. I am pretty much housebound most of the time.

I have made some wonderful friends over the years and have even been blessed with having some come to visit me. I can't travel anymore sadly due to the illness grrrrrrrrr.

I have a little routine that I like to follow.

If I am feeling bright and breezy I like baking cakes either from scratch or from a packet LOL

I also read a lot and like doing puzzles.

Sadly I am somewhat depressed - I can tell because I don't enjoy playing music like I used to. Always a bad sign.

I could carry on with things I used to do but as I look over what my life has become I realise that I maybe need to "get a life" again.

Have to say I am marvelling at all you do alpacalady I feel worn out just looking at what you can do. Please send me some of your energy :)