Saw The Doctor Today

I've got to stop seeing her, she gives me too much to think about, it makes my brain hurt. It was nice not knowing anything. If you get a stem cell transplant you have to spend 100 days away from home. I'm sure time in the hospital and probably in a recovery facility.

She told me I might not be a candidate, though. I have this neurological disease and it make make the difference. They want really fit people so the transplant takes. Not a good thing if they wipe out your bone marrow and it doesn't regenerate. I would think death would be the likely result. The good thing is you wouldn't have to worry about your myeloma anymore, the bad thing is, you would be dead.

Okay, this brings up the question, how fit is a myeloma patient?

that's a good question. I have a friend with another form of cancer that went through stem cell. she fully recovered but it was physically tough to go through.

I’m a 49 year old female and I’m at day 60 since my transplant … The 100 days doesn’t mean you’re away from home it’s 100 days that you’re the most vulnerable for infection , sickness etc until your immune system is built up again
I was two weeks in hospital and the rest at home but not house bound just cautious of crowds and germs …washed and sanitized hands all the time…
As far as being fit I’m not sure how fit your doctor wants you …I didn’t have any other illnesses except for myeloma …I wish you the best …thank you for your blogs

great clarification on the 100 days Emma.

Thanks for your comment Emma, my husband is getting ready to have what is called a tanedum transplant. This means he would have to have two stem cell transplants 3 months apart from each other. I have heard the stories of how people have a tough time with one more less 2. I am praying for him.