Pet Scan

Six months after my SCT, I had a PET/CT Scan in March 2015. Scan found invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. 3-D mammogram and ultrasound of breast did not show any abnormality. Radiologist biopsied the area of concern and made the diagnosis of a secondary cancer. I had a mastectomy and now have started 4 rounds of chemotherapy because the cancer was a grade 2. The Radiologist and breast surgeon both said it was a miracle that the cancer was found. If I would have just had my yearly Mammogram, it would have taken 2 - 3 years for the cancer to be found. By that time, it would have spread to other organs. Please read the article by Dr. Brian Durie about the reasons for all MM patients getting an annual PET/CT scan. It saved my life. Read the article at:

Amen my friend, so happy you had the PET Scan. I have passed that link on to my DBF and he is planning to show it to his Myeloma specialist.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you receive chemo. You are a true inspiration!

Your Friend,


God is good. Thank you very much for sharing. I go back to Moffitt for my 6 months check up on June 1st. Will be mentioning that to her. You hang in there. God bless. .

Thank you for sharing. My husband has an appointment Monday (his SCT was in January) We will request a PET/CT yearly. Wishing you all the best.