2nd opinion

Hello to all, I am thinking about getting another opinion and am wondering how you all feel about this. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I love my local hematologist/oncologist and see him every 3 months. I went to Denver for SCT and see that MD every 6 months, Originally I was told I was smoldering. My M spike does not get very high. They have treated me early in hopes of keeping my brain from getting kicked again. When I get above 1.0 chemo gets started. So, I have had chemo every year except that after SCT made it 2 years without. This year I had 2 cycles and will be going in on the 20th for blood draw and see the Doc on the 26th. If I have gone up again, it may be time to see someone else that specializes
In MM. Would you?? If so, any recomendations? We are thinking about Arkansas. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you, Karla

Thanks for your reply. It is the something else that I wonder about.