Husband having a stem cell transplant

Hi I am a care giver of my husband. My husband was diagnosed in 1987 (22 years old) with multiple myeloma and had a stem cell transplant in M.D. Anderson in Texas by Dr. Jagnnath & Dr Barlogie and has been in remission since 1988. We live in Florida and was traveling to Little Rock, Ark. where Dr. Barlogie moved to. We have been doing his annual test here in Florida instead of seeing Dr. Barlogie because of insurance. Now his tests are showing that his cancer is back. His doctors has been in touch with Dr. Barlogie and of course he wants him to come to NY where he is at now.( Mt. Sinai.)to have a stem cell transplant. So here we are with a decision do we go back to Little Rock, Ark. Or to New York with Dr. Barlogie. Or do we take the chance and stay here and do the transplant in Moffitt in Tampa, Fl.?? Of course the best choice would be Little Rock or NY but I do work and he wouldn’t have a care giver.