One Year Post SCT

TI am VERY happy to report that 1 year post SCT, my DBF is in complete remission and his kappa-light chain numbers are in the normal ratio.

He also had a PET scan last week and it was negative for a secondary cancer.

We are very thankful to God for all this encouraging news!

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Wonderful news, JerseyGyrl! I'm sure the members here are so glad to hear the very positive report.

Wonderful news jersey girl, enjoy every day, a wonderful gift

FANTASTIC news! So very pleased for you both! You've been through a war, and have emerged stronger than ever.

What wonderful news! It’s great to share your happiness!

Congratulations! I have not posted on this website in a long time. I have been in remission for over a year too. If you recall, I had still Stem Cell Transplant last year in July, and I was worried but everything went fine.

Although there is no longer multiple myeloma, I still take a low dosage of revlimid every 21 days and 7 days off as a precaution to control and prevent the disease from returning

I feel great do not have any pain or worries. Every day I thank God for this blessing! I also have worked full time during the process and have never had any problems.


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