Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

Not sure if everyone is aware or not but March is considered Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Is anyone doing anything or participating in any events to spread the word about MM?

Anyone do public speaking? Or want post a video about MM? Just thought I would ask.

I didnt know this month was considered Multiple Myeloma Awareness month. Guess its perfect that I just happen to be getting a tattoo for my Mom this weekend!!! Wish I knew more about MM but my Mom was just dignosed in February so I dont feel comfortable doing any speaking or posts yet. Hope someones does though!!!!

I think it would be great if people could post videos here for MM month! We can post them to the BensFriends youtube channel. Maybe have a contest? Just thinking out loud.

Additionally, you guys might like this - - just read about it. Maybe we can contribute and perhaps start our own version??

Okay. I just wrote a script and will try to record a video. Hope it turns out okay!

I posted it on our blog!