#endmyeloma happening this month

What are people doing to recognize March as Myeloma Awareness Month?

As a myeloma survivor and new mom I find myself even more passionately drawn to working to advance myeloma research.

I volunteer with a nonprofit organization MMORE: Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research & Education (www.mmore.org). We're running an online fundraising campaign throughout the month to raise funds for a new type of research aimed at using the body's immune system to attack and kill myeloma--and create a lasting impression in the body in order to help prevent a relapse. It's called Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.

I'm pretty excited about this research and the potential it brings to us myeloma patients. If we can reach our $200,000 fundraising goal researchers believe they can get this new treatment into clinical trials in as little as 18 months--very, very fast for the research world!

I encourage you to check out the ‪#‎endmyeloma‬ campaign at endmyeloma.org and

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You can see more about this research at:


I just finished flying to Baton Rouge and Johnson City, Tennessee where I was a patient speaker at an educational program. Very exciting opportunity to spread the word about myeloma and educate those that have little to no knowledge about the disease, treatment, and awareness. I also was in a fashion show on Thursday to raise awareness and to give others that may have cancer some hope to see people doing so well: living with cancer.

I feel that educating the public and those with Multiple Myeloma is what I am trying to do. I have been chosen as a patient speaker for a team and go around doing speaking engagements telling my story, my journey living with Multiple Myeloma. I feel this is my way of giving back and also to meet wonderful people. I also participate in local walks and will be walking for the relay for life with a local support group that I am involved with.

Hi..I had no idea that march is MM awareness month!! unfortunately, it is not a well known cancer in India and there is very little, if any, awareness about it. I did not hear or see anything that happened... Maybe next yr..will have to take initiative to spread the knowledge about it...