Im freaking out. I decided since mom died of MM, I would get tested. This is my results. Can anyone interpret?

ALBUMIN 3.9 3.4-5.0 g/dL
ALPHA-1 GLOBULIN 0.20 0.10-0.30 g/dL
ALPHA-2 GLOBULIN 1.10 0.70-1.20 g/dL
BETA GLOBULIN 1.20 0.60-1.30 g/dL
GAMMA GLOBULIN 0.90 0.70-1.60 g/dL
PROTEIN TOTAL 7.2 6.0-8.0 g/dL
GLOBULIN 3.3 2.0-3.6 g

24 HR URINE VOLUME Random Urine None mL

What does this mean? I seem to be borderline on the high side. Do I MGUS?

and if this is normal, should I be having this test yearly? Cancer runs rapant on both sides of the family. It seems like more people who are family members with someone with MM are getting it as well.

MM is usually determined from CRAB symptoms. Calcium (high), Renal (disorder), Anemia, and Bone (lesions). It is also frequently accompanied by an m-spike. To this non-doctor, what you've provided appears to be normal, and you haven't really looked at what you need to look at. What does the MD who ordered these tests say? That should be your source of diagnosis, and get a second opinion if you don't trust the answer.

defiitely consult a doctor on your test results. it's really hard for "layman" to interpret complicated test results.

I have no anemia or anything else. I talked to him today and he said there would only be cause for concern if several of the globulin proteins were out of range. So it doesnt look like I have MGUS which is FANTASTIC! Question is..because mom had it, is it advisable to test this every year? Every six months? Any advice on that?

This link gives good info on diagnosis

Haven't seen much concern about MM being genetic. There is probably no reason to believe you have a greater chance of being diagnosed with MGUS, SMM or MM than anyone else. My PCP found abnormalities in my CBC results that prompted him to refer me to a hematologist after there was no improvement in 8 months. It's not usually an emergency disease. So my bloodwork, SPEPs and UPEPs have shown no disease progression for 22 months. At the MGUS and asymptomatic SMM stages there is no treatment anyway, so knowing probably would just create unnecessary stress. Enjoy the fact that you don't have it. As one MD at Dana Farber told me, just do what your mother told you to do and you'll probably be fine.

While, its very uncommon for it genetic, its does happen. We have evidence to believe that my grandfather did indeed have it and not leukemia. As much as I dont want to know, I want to know. My mom was never diagnosed until she was in a coma because the disease ate through her skull. She went through a LOT of unnecessary pain because IT IS so difficult to find until someone is in end stage. I know a MM diagnosis results with death, I know that theres a lot to be done to treat the symptoms and prolong end stage. I will not go through what she went through. Not only that, We have a gazillion and I mean gazillion different kinds of cancers on both sides of my family. I plan on being tested yearly.

got to the blood bank and make a donation of plasma the tests they do on the plasma will detect many problems thats how my mm was found it showed high IGg levels and its the cheep way to get a full blood test