Ive been thinking

I know this can run in families...I have been having a lot of bone pain..Im thinking about getting MGUS tested..I think thats the right word. Any thoughts on this? And will doctors do it?

It is a very good idea. I can’t think of any reason why they won’t and most dr’s will say you are doing the right thing. I have MM and osteoporosis. I was having pain in my shoulder and went through emergency room caus I couldn’t do the pain was told I have Tendonitis. Went to my onc dr which ordered a whole bone scan and have to go to a ortho dr Monday. I’m fearful of all bone, and joint pain so my theory is better safe than sorry. Good Luck!

actually my name is angee. my mom was Elaine..maybe I should change my handle lols

im really considering it

My mother also had multiple myeloma, they called it bone cancer back in 1984. But after having the Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN check my mothers records, she indeed did have MM.

In 1998, I had a complete physical at the Mayo Rochester. They did find an elevation of protein in my blood, but I was told that I may be that way all my life and never have any cancer show up, with no symptoms there was no need to look further, though they did say I could continue to have my blood check yearly. The next year my insurance did not cover the Mayo Clinic Rochester and I went to a local Dr. He said the same thing that basically without any symptoms even if they found it to be slightly elevated again nothing would be done.

Flash forward to July 2008, I had been going to the chiropractor for quite sometime with bad back pain. My husband and I were entertainers so I blamed it on all the lifting I did for that job. However, my the time they discovered the MM, I had severe, debilitating damage in the bones of my back.

I would highly suggest getting the testing done, if they can discover the MM before it does damage to your bones you will be much better off. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones that just has a high protein level in your blood with no problems.

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I decided to schedule an appointment. I have to talk about other things so it would be a perfect opportunity to bring it up