Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

I am very interested in discussions and knowledge of progression of Smoldering Multiple Myeloma!

Since "99 I was diagnosed with MGUS, '09 progressed to SMM just want some feedback as to what members can share with their experiences.

Thanks and looking forward to communication!



I was told the same thing. Don't know at what point medication will need to be started. My M-spike is up to 1.9. It's just a wait and see but doesn't make you feel good not knowing. Would love to hear from others as well.


Welcome KG,
The one thing that took me a long time to accept, is that every case is different. We all have MM but, it’s symptoms are not the same for any of us. One other thing I recommend is to see a MM specialist. I went to one in California but, my local oncologist has followed the experts protocol
And has done the chemo here in Colorado. It has worked out good for me.
Just keep on top of it and you should be good for quite some time.

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Also diagnosed smoldering multiple myeloma 2 weeks ago , any suggestions