I'm a happy camper

The strangest thing happened. I also have a neurological disease and finally got my service dog, Cooper. I was diagnosed with MM while I was waiting for him. For a year and a half I've been pretty sick. Lots of hospital visits, etc. When I was supposed to go into training with him, I again ended up in the hospital and then in a nursing/rehab facility for a few weeks to recover. So we postponed it for a month. To train with him I had to travel to Brigadoon two hours away and stay for two weeks. I was terrified, I didn't know if I could stay healthy for the two weeks. Well, I went, trained and Cooper and I were certified. Since I've gotten him, my health has returned to normal. I feel great, my counts are normal and I'm doing everything I want to do. My oncologist is so pleased, she reduced the amount of the Velcade, I've gone from twice a week to once a week and the doctor visits are greatly reduced. I suggest all cancer patients get a service dog, they're good for your health!

This news is so exciting, alpacalady. I am so pleased for you. Yes, we need many more miracle service dogs like your Cooper. Thank you for sharing the good news. :)