Cooper my service dog

After two long years, Cooper and I have graduated and are now a team! I feel like the luckiest person on the face of the earth. Along with Multiple Myeloma I have Cerebellar Degeneration, which causes ataxia and affects the balance. Now I feel like I can do anything. Cooper has changed my life in ways I never dreamed of. I knew he would help me with balance, walking and retrieving dropped items. But what he's done for me has gone far beyond that. So much of my life is involved in the medical world, doctors, tests, hospitals, etc. I tried to live a normal life and I thought I was happy. Now with Cooper I'm truely happy. I don't concentrate on what's going on with me, I focus on him. Waiting for tests I love on him and talk to him or I'm answering people's questions. My life just feels good.

I am so pleased for you, alpacalady. Pets are so important, and it seems that Cooper is more than a pet. Thank you for sharing this.

This is really wonderful in so many ways!The love of a pet is just so deep and they are such important family members for sure!