I'm a Happy Camper

I went to see Cooper yesterday and they let me bring him home for a week! I am just loving having him home again. I was able to puppy raise him until the spinal tumor and then he had to go back to the agency because I couldn't care for him.

He's half way through his intensive training and it's a joy to see how well he's doing. Last night he slept by my side and every time I moved, he got up and stuck his face in mine. When he was satisfied I was okay, he'd lay back down. It was very cute.

Last night we were on a walk when I stepped on a rock, twisted my ankle and went down. He sat next to me until I was ready to get up. I told him to brace and he stood there as solid as a rock and I was able to use him to get back up. I can barely walk this morning so I have to get the ankle checked out. If I didn't have MM I would wrap it in an ace bandage and continue on my way. Those days are gone, I know that my bones aren't what they used to be so I can't ignore things like I used to. Oh well...