Autologous stem cell transplant

Hi Alex.. I have always had pain in my legs because of lower back pain caused by a break in my LV3. After the transplant my legs do hurt but it is because of constant movement including driving as I have two small kids and I have to go about my work. The pain is not severe and I do not need any medication for it. It goes away with rest.

Maybe your legs are very weak right now. You should try and rest more maybe.


hi Janet…i did have a pulm embolus but am now taking xarelto to prevent clots…
any other side effect you know I should be on the look out for?

Yes. Watch your lab work as Revlimid may cause a drop in blood work such as WBC’s, platelets and RBC’s. Cramping of the extremities, ribs are also a side effect. Check, Celgene Pharmaceutical web site for further information.