Stem cell harvest

Hi. I live in Costa Rica and was 51 when I was diagnosed with MM 2 years ago. At that time I had a broken L1 and several compressed vertebrae, was very scared and did not know whether I was going to overcome it.

I achieved remission after 4 months of treatment (Dex, Cyclo, Tal, Zometa), including 10 dosis of radiotherapy). I was then offered a SCT which I decided to postpone as I did not find enough evidence that such treatment would increase neither my life expectancy nor my quality of life , and after considering the potential side effects and the survival rate.

My life is almost normal again: working every day, excercising at least 3 times a week, enjoying spending time with my wife and children, going outdoors often, etc. I still have to take Tal every day and Dex&Cyclo every 2 months, but life is looking better every day.

In preparation for a possible future relapse, now is time for me to consider the possibility of undergoing a stem cell harvest. Has any of you gone thru a stem cell harvest? Do you have any suggestions or comments about this procedure?

Thanks in advance.