Some one I knew

Someone that I knew died from MM a week ago. She was 84yo and she just found out 20 mo before she died. She never said or complained that she was in pain or sick. She wasn’t afraid when she passed and she always gave me strength when I was going through my journey. I’m sad because she never let anyone know that she had MM. My prayers are with her family and all respect to her and how brave she was.

I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and the family.

When you have faith in the life which awaits us at the end of this one it makes the hills and valleys of this lifetime seem small. I am just a travler here and hopefully learn to understand that like the wild flowers in a field we all have beauty, but it is just for a day, or life and then passes away. Sometimes we carry a burden silently so others can be helped unknowingly. I am sorry to hear of your loss, my prayers are with you and her family.

Thank You and the words are so meaningful. God Bless and we are fighters.

I feel like Rodney, she had traveled her journey and perhaps it was her role at the end to be the listener. We all go through our times of reflection and our need to express ourselves whether in glee or in displeasure. Life with MM is not always easy, but then again depending where we are in our journey, we may just be at a stage where it is livable and therefore okay. It may also be that she was a private person and did not feel the need to share, she had lived a good life and was happy. Regardless, I feel for your loss. I am sure that she smiles down on you and now watches you and her family from afar, sending you blessings. She sounds like she was someone that you would want to have as a friend and I am sorry for your loss and that of her family.

Rodney, my 63 yr. old brother died a yr. ago from MM. He never told me, he was living in FT. Myers FL. I'm in Mi. I know he didn't want to worry me. It was discovered while being in hospital for burns. They said, he'd had it they know for 6months. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam war at 21 yrs. old. I know, how it saddens you that you weren't told. His X, got him to marry her on his death bed 2 days before & she won't allow his medical records to be released to my DR. for sibling studies, so that's all I know.


I would be very upset with your brothers X. I get upset sometimes when you hear about breast cancer all the time. They know breast cancer can be passed on. Why can’t they find a cause and a cure for cancer? Cancer don’t run in my fd I have MM and don’t know how I got it? I want to know where I got MM and will my kids get it or my grandkids get it or even my great grandkids (I have 2) get it. How selfish of her what is there to hide from his sister?

Madison I’m sorry I mean cancer don’t run in my family

donna w said:

I would be very upset with your brothers X. I get upset sometimes when you hear about breast cancer all the time. They know breast cancer can be passed on. Why can't they find a cause and a cure for cancer? Cancer don't run in my fd I have MM and don't know how I got it? I want to know where I got MM and will my kids get it or my grandkids get it or even my great grandkids (I have 2) get it. How selfish of her what is there to hide from his sister?

Donna, they say, it's common among siblings & not inherited, Do they really know?


I guess not. But I really hate not having answers.

She was lucky to know you. It seems to me (a middle-aged mother and a MM sufferer) that this dear lady was uncomplaining because she was trying to spare you and others from the pain of watching/knowing her suffering. I "downplay" my own illness to my family for the same reason -my reasoning is " why make my loved ones suffer when one of us is already suffering? It isn't pleasant, so why spread it?" -> It is traumatic to have someone close pass from cancer. I lost my mother after a 7 year battle with cancer and she (mum ) behaved in exactly the same way as your friend. Your friend was trying to spare you from bad memories.

MY own mother also hid her cancer as if in shame (it was breast cancer) and as appropriate for her era, that was her way of dealing with it. It broke me up though because as a carer, I needed to talk and be supported with the stress her illness caused and I could not get that support, because mum wouldn't allow anyone to know. So I understand how helpless you feel. You can talk about it now though.

We need to remember that folks of that era and ilk had a pride, a dignity and a secrecy that many younger people can't understand. Younger people are far more "out there". We just have to accept that it was their choice to tell or not tell and they managed their cancer the way they wanted most. Although I disagree with secrecy about cancer, I still respected my mother's wishes, because after all, it was her life not mine. Does any of this hit home with you? I do hope you feel understood and supported.

Everyone keep me in your prayers. Was doing so well from Multi Myeloma & just got the news I have stomach cancer. They're making plans to remove entire stomach, they'll make small stomach from upper bowel. Yes, I'm scared to death. Need radiation/ chemo along w/ surgery. My problem is can't have radiation to pelvic area because had all I can have in that area w/ Multi Myeloma tumors.

Surgery later part of Jan. I only had 2 problems, bloating & fullness. I asked, for scope even though one done in 3/12 was o:k. Pray daily for me.


Thank you for your reply cause it did hit home. I know I don’t always let people know when I have aches and pains. It’s so cold where I live and I’m really feeling it in my back. I enjoyed this women while she was here and miss her now she is gone. Thank you for your words and an open heart and mind. God Bless and a Healthy and Bright New Year!

Many prayers are with you. Keep the strong faith in God that you have and this bump in the road will soon pass. God has made you to be strong. Another friend of mine had anal cancer which she had gotten from HPV and to make a smile come on her face I tell her “Cancer didn’t kick your butt…You kicked cancers butt.” So to you I say…Cancer has you not feeling well to your stomach…cancer will be more sick cause it can’t have you or your bones, stomach and not the prayers that will be prayed for you. God has your back and I will have my prayer group pray for you as well.

Dearest Madison you most certainly are in my prayers and I will contact my faith healer friends to send their healing powers through to you. My sincere sympathies for the traumatic experience you are facing and deepest support for a speedy recovery. Please try to not feel alone during treatment, but know many people care and are sending you their healing powers. If you need me I am here.

Thank you Lorrie & Donna,

I meet w/ Surgeon thur. I don't mind saying, I'm scared . Prayers got me through the Multi Myeloma, I know they work. Very busy getting Cardiac clearance & all the test they do.


I am sending faith healing light beams to you dear Madison.

Please take some relaxation CD's (get some if you don't have any already... you can buy them from cancer centers or download some relaxation/meditation Mp3's & place on an ipod or MP3 player. Please take music and photos of family into the hospital for you to play and to look at respectively during those very tense terrifying moments leading up to and after surgery. You are NOT alone. You will make it.

Please remember to try to "breathe" slowly, relax and visualize a beautiful, warm, peaceful place in which you are receiving healing rays of light. Faith healing works, so keep the faith and KNOW you will recover. It's just a challenge for you, that's been placed before you but it is most certainly not a death sentence.

Much love.

Madison, I am so sorry. Keep strong and don't let it get the best of you.Prepare your heart,mind and soul to fight and put on the full armor placing all trust in God. for contrary to popular belief today it is our Fathers world and he is in control. So whatever we befall and what ever comes our way can in no way harm us. Sometimes it hard to keep that up front but at times like this we must. He gives us the strength we need and will carry us when we are to weak to walk. You will be in my prayers.