Skin Problems

Has anyone ever had a skin reaction to Revlimid?? My skin is so dry it comes off in big flakes, I have been using lotion to no avail, it just continues to peel. It started on my face and has expanded to by back. It almost reminds you of sunburn peeling, the only difference is it is dry. I have several doctors appointments in February, but they did not seem to be concerned last month, hope to have some answers before then.

thanks Rodney

Try Caladryl, it worked wonders for me. I had a head rash and was very itchy. After use the problem went away.

I have had reactions to meds I was taking along with Revlimid but not the Revlimid. The reactions I had were skin rash. If you are taking other meds in addition to the Revlimid look into if they may be causing the problem. I had to have other meds to correct the problem.

I also had skin peeling like sunburn but only on my shins, I am off the revlimid for now and I am just red and itchy but no more peeling. I am off all drugs at home and down to twice a month for chemo. good luck.

I was off taken off revlimid temporarily and placed on steroid for a week and it has all cleared up. I also have had issues with my blood count dropping and needed a transfusion. I am going back on revlimid but also am going to take the dexamethasone with it as they think being off the dex may have allowed the revlimid side effects to come forward and manifest themselves. Hopefully the university doctor pin pointed the reason for the issues. I had been on the revlimid for about 13 months with no major side effects, was on velcade and dex also . Then started to get nouropathy so I went off the velcade and dex, that is about the time when this others all started to happen.

Time will tell, but for now I feel great and do not look like and alligator.

Thanks and may God Bless you all for your help and advice.


Hi Rodnesy, I just joined your group. Yes, I am having skin issues. Not sure if it is revlimid or not. I never had skin issues before diagnosis. When I was first diagnosed, I was treated with Rev and then had to go to Velcade in preparation for stem cell transplant. I had open sores, etc. and my hands really broke out. Once I had the stem cell transplant (Jan 2013) I was off chemo and everything cleared up. My cancer is back (in Feb) and I am back on Rev/Dex. Once again, my skin broke out. This is my week off Rev and I am seeing the condition begin to clear up. My doctor does not confirm that it is the Rev that is causing this and has referred me to a dermatologist this week. I do not have a lot of hope that they will help much, but I will go to see what they say. Take care, Rodney.

Try Medline "Remedy" skin repair. Unfortunately we get it from our local hospital but if you can figure how to order it online it is the BEST stuff I have found.


Thanks to all of you, so much advice from so many experts; where else could you get so much experience and such good answers. I found Medline Remedy on It does seem to help, however I was off Revlimid for about 2.5 weeks due to respiratory issue's and it got better. Dr T. from the local University Hospital said that about 30% of patients have skin issue's, he recommended taking benadril to reduce the effects.

Thank You ALL

God Bless; Rodney