Do you get a blood thinner with Revlimid?

Hello everyone.

Have been treated with Velcade 25mg and Dex on and off since August of 2012. Very few weeks off in between because the numbers did not warrant a temporary remission.

Light chains went up and now Revlimid has been added at 10mg. Originally I had gotten deathly sick with kidney and lung (almost) failure taking 2 drugs: Alpurinol and Revlimid (25mg)

Both were stopped of course. I spent 2 weeks in intensive care and 4 weeks in a nursing home for my recovery as I was to weak to be on my own. Walked with walker and so on................

We are trying the drug again at a lower dosage. Meanwhile I am on Lovonox (misspelled?) 130 mg once a day for 10 days and at the same time the pill Cumadin which does not take effect immediately. It is against forming blood clots. I had a clot while recovering in Sept. of 2012.


Up to now my bones have not been involved so I was not given Zometa. Does everyone pretty much get it as a standard regimen?

Have you gotten good results (for a while) with the trio of Velcade, Dex (I take 20 mg. twice a week with the Rev.pill at 10 mg.)?

Thank you so much for your time.

Best wishes and blessings to all.

PS: it worries me that we have not heard in months from our fellow MM patient in the Isle of Jersey across the Ocean (in between France and England.) The name just escaped me but that is due to CHEMO BRAIN. I'll remember even before I look it up, but after I send this message away. I know it start with an "L"

Hello Liz, I have been on Revlimid, Dex and velcade for quite some time, early in 2012. I started with the velcade and Dex then several months later revlimid was added. My doc was very specific, take a 325 mg aspirin once a day as long as you take the revlimid. He was (retired) a very soft spoken and easy to get along with friend. Concerning the aspirin he was quite forceful NO EXCEPTIONS. His words were Revlimid will cause deep tissue blood clots, this is a major concern and will put you in the hospital.

I was on 25mg of revlimid daily and 40mg of dex once a week and a velcade injection twice a week at first, then after the transplant it went to velcade once a week and now I don't get the velcade. The revlimid has been reduced to 10mg and the dex to 20mg. The only reason for the dex is to help prevent skin issue's due to the revlimid.

Yes for me the treatments were very effective, the last test put me in almost complete remission, I have some light chains that still show activity but they are to small to measure. Yes I do receive zometta, I have very little bone involvement, but they still felt it to be prudent as zometta also shows some anti myeloma activity

The chemo cycle I have been on is the 28 day cycle, 21 days in a row with the rev. and 7 days off aside from neuropathy issues and some blood count issues all has went well.

Lesslie K. is our friend from Jersey, Yes I am worried also, its not like her to be missing for so long. I hope and pray she is well, she has been one of my hero's since I found this site, an inspiration to me.

I hope this helps with your concerns and may God speed your recovery.


I started on rev dex and velcade, rev at 25 mg caused way too many issues ( mainly fevers and nausea) it did not do much so they took me off. Velcade caused too much neuropathy so they have me something similar but takes 2 hour IV twice a week. Dex caused muscle loss, osteo Pena and severe depression so no more of that. After two sct my numbers dropped significant and now I am on 5 mg revlimid and every other week the two day IV treatment no dex , dr told me to take mini aspirin and I am feeling great but have not seen results yet. Tomorrow will be my 100 day post transplant and I am back to teaching yoga, doing massages and working at health food store. We are all so different and so is our mm and even within one person the mm is different, that is why my doc said that rev might work this time. I pray we will continue to get new drugs until we find the cure!!!

My doctor prescribed baby aspirin when I was on Revlamid. 5 years ago I had to take lomax injections with Revlamid but today he says baby aspirin prevents blood clots