Painful Goosebumps

I had a SCT in january and since then whenever i get goosebumps, it hurts . It feels like my skin is getting pulled.

Wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else.??


Hi Scarymom. I didn't experience what you describe, but ever since finishing consolidation chemo 6 month after SCT, I experience sporadic rashes. They come and go, and can appear anywhere on my body, but most often on arms, back or mid-section, occasionally on legs. Can be very itchy at times. This has been going on for a year, I was referred to dermatology, they did skin patch tests which were negative and have labled it "eczema".

Hi Scarymom, My SCT was Sept 2014 and my skin is hyper sensitive to touch. My calves and arms are the worst. My MM Doctor said it is an effect of the Velcade that I was on. He said it will decrease with time. It has gotten better but has not gone away yet. Juli

Hi Juli... thanks for your reply but I have now understood why my goose bumps were soo painful. The hai under my skin was trying to come out ...they all fell after the melphalan, every time I felt cold..the hair would stand under my skin.. making it pain a lot. As the follicles came out of the skin...the goose bumps stopped hurting..

I hope this may help someone who is going thru the same issue.