Pain Medication: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

About a year ago I went to the hospital with severe back pain. The L-4 vertebra was shot, so they filled it with silly putty. Since that time I have been in pain. I've had 6 cortisone shots in 9 months. During this time I avoided all prescription pain meds out of fear of addiction.

Since addiction is no longer an issue, I'm wondering what drugs can be taken for pain that allow you to still function in a fairly normal manner.

While in the hospital for my back I was given morphine. It killed the pain, but it also knocked me out. On top of that I had hallucinations. And not one single hallucination involved nudity.



I've yet to hear anyone say, this treatment cured their pain.

Just speaking w/ someone who had same thing. She said, the pain level was worse. Therefore I opted against this treatment. Neurologist said, unless 2 disc are compressed he does not do this treatment. It was known to be a money racket for awhile there until News starting exposing the money racket.