I had nerve damage following a sacral tumor. The chemo also added to the neuropathy in my lower legs. The neurologist currently has me on a combination of Savella and Gabapentin. It keeps the pain level down, but I still have relative numbness that is hard to deal with at times. Is there anyone with a similar problem that is having success with alternative therapies or drugs? The bones in my feet are softening making them more susceptible to fracturing. The podiatrist said because I have less feeling in my feet I am often unaware when I am harming them??

I only know of one other med. that works , Lyrica. it worked for me but has a lot of side effects at the beginning. then my insurance would not pay for it as it is a tier 1 drug. Be careful with your bones as this is a big issue and yes numbness can be a big side effect of all the chemo's. Velcade and Relimed both cause it, and the infusion therapies are worse. I had a transplant and the malaphane cause a lot of neuropathy for months after. The bottom of my feet get sore and numb, just feel like they are a sleep. I have a friend who is being treated for breast cancer, they had her start on vitamin b6 and it worked. I see the transplant doc next week and I will ask him about it.

wish there was more but I am still learning about this stuff, I just trust and have faith that all is as it should be knowing that this is just temporary, there is a much better place awaiting for me.

God Bless


I know what your going through Patty.I have the same problems with the neuropathy. I have MM but I had the stem cell transplant and have been in remission over 4 years now.Praise God.I take gabapentin.They finally gave me Tramadol for pain which helps sometines. Can I help you in any way ?My name issue Ann :slight_smile:

When my mom saw Dr. Berenson he recommended 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid (to combat neuropathy, specifically), 1000 mg of Calcium and 1200 mg of Vitamin D -- all daily, except no Alpha Lipoic Acid on Velcade days. I am sorry that happened to you. The vitamins are supposed to prevent it. I hope this helps : )