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Hi I am new to the site Here goes I was diagnosed in July oh 2011 with MM stage 3 I had chemo and radiation also had physical therapy and was starting to walk with a cane March of 2012 I had to have back surgery due to a tumor they nicked the cover on the spinal it damaged the nerves and now I have neuropathy legs and feet are cold and numb seems to be getting worse I had physical again still cant walk I cant take most of the nerve meds. the Neurologist has me on 300mg of gabapentin a day doesn't work anybody have this problem. Thanks

Welcome to the site, yes I have neuropathy due to some of the meds and have been on lyrica (worked) and gabapentin. My insurance quit paying for lyrica , I was put on 600mg of gabapentin 3 times a day which seemed to work. I have since had my treatment levels reduced so the neuropathy has gotten better ,but I still take 300mg 2-3 times a day.

I hope this helps

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Hi Peg, I am new to the site as well. I have had some nerve pain experience as well. I did not thing GAB worked that well ,either. Eventually, the nerve pain did subside although I still have some episodes. Good luck, will be thinking of you.