I would like to know if osteoporosis comes from the chemo before
transplant. I found out today that I have osteoporosis in my left hip
and what do you do for it. I’m 14 months post transplant. Thanks for
all answers.

Great question Donna! Thanks for sharing.

Its not anything I know anything about - sorry! So now I am interested in the question.

I am interested in any responses as well. Myeloma is one of those diseases that all of us are effected differently. When I was in chemo yesterday, I had a woman ask me if I had any concerns re: Parkinsons as they felt that they had developed it with Velcade ... I have not worried about that either, until now ... I did have a couple of weeks when I had some shakes, but thought that it might just be too many or not enough pain pills at some points.

I hope that all works out well for you, are you on a bone hardener at all ... here we have an infusion called Pami short for Pamiderine I think. Sorry, I have chemo brain going on right now, but it is a monthly infusion for about a two year period.

good luck,


Great points and requests Lori. Thanks.

I had to have a infusion of zomata and it is suppose to last for 1 year. But to know if the chemo was the cause more than likely. We who suffer from MM know that the side effect vary. I would like to also share that I had Medical Parkinsons but it was cause by the meds they gave me because I was always throwing up after sct. They sent me to another doc for my brain and he said that I could take pills or it will work itself out. I let it work itself out. It took about 1 and a half months for me to stop shakes. Oh by the way if anybody says anything about your chemo brain smile and let them know at least you have a excuse what’s theirs? If you go to a site on the web call “Choose Hope” you will see all kinds of nice things for all cancers. I will keep you in my prayers and remember tomorrow you will be stronger to fight MM
Donna W