My DH has multiple myeloma

He was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving 2013 after having hip pain. Our family doctor suspected it after a MRI he sent my husband to an oncologist. He started treatment the same day we got the diagnosis, it went fairly well until he got shingles on his leg. He lost the ability to support himself with that leg he is now in physical therapy which is helping slowly.

What I (his wife) am wondering about is the pain management he is using hydrocodone/acetaminophen. He takes one tablet two to four times a day when he has a lot of pain. I seen on the label to be careful with this med because it can cause liver damage. I am wondering how other patients manage their pain. His feet are swelling more so in the leg that had the shingles we know that the nerve in that leg is sensitive because of the shingles.

He is on Revlimid, Brotezomib and Diphenhydramine and Zometa hope these spellings are correct and I haven't listed a duplicate. Now he is also at the point where food doesn't taste the same so we are trying all kinds of foods and supplemental Boost drink and bars. Any tips on foods would be appreciated.