MM Without SCT

My brother is a mm patient. Radiotheraphy and Chemotheraphy completed as per advice of the doctors.

Heart is affected due to chemotheraphy as side effect. 30 % is working. SCT not possible told by doctors. It need high chemotheraphy. What can we do now? without chemotheraphy and SCT, any other treatment available.? pls suggest

I replied because this is new to me .That is I have yet to hear of your situation. I my self was diagnosed in 09 with MM and it never seems that no one has like simptoms.some are similar in nature ,but manifest different.I went through chemo ,now they tell me I'm in REMISSION but my count has gone to 10 in2 years,which means (by my math) I will go for SCT in 3 to 5 years--- then what ......And if because of your heart you can't get either one-I suggest you keep as healthy spiritually as well as physically possible and try a new oncologist DON

Agree with get another opinion. There might be another drug that won't affect his heart as bad.

Keeping you in my prayers.