Life With Myeloma

Who ever thinks they'll get a disease like this? Who thinks they'll ever get a disease, period? It happens and one day your life changes, forever. But not necessarily for the worst. Myeloma doesn't define me, it's made me a stronger person and a happier one.

Don't get me wrong, it has it's moments. I got a spinal tumor, very painful. The surgery site became infected and I spent about two and a half months in a rehab/nursing home. I met the most wonderful people, the staff was phenominal and I fell in love with the residents.

Since I've been home I've had to stay in the hospital a couple of times and I have lots of doctor visits and an infusion of Zometa every month. I'm on steroids and I have fallen in love with food. All I do is cook. I learned that you need to stay away from processed foods so I cook from scratch as much as I can. The Food Network is my favorite channel so I'm always trying recipes from there. Last night I made a bacon wrapped meatloaf, I won't do that again. It was okay, but way too rich and you couldn't eat much. I also saw the Bobby Flay Throwdown where he did banana cream pie. So I had to make one. I made a Vanilla Wafer crust and it turned out pretty tasty. Did you know orange juice keeps the bananas from turning black?