Kidney problems with MM

is anyone dealing with elevated creatine numbers and are you following a kidney friendly diet??looking for a reliable site on this topic and
And also wonder if it is still okay to juice organic carrots
My husband has been on revlimid since shortly after his
Stem cell transplant.

What mg. of Rvlimid is he on? I think, I'd try FDA about juicing the carrots or Dietician at hospital Cancer Center. I'd call both & see what each say. I've had MM 3rd. stage when diagnosised. It seemed to attack my bones, especially back, lesions everywhere including skull covering (chemo & radiation takes care of them) after while they start returning.

I'm so thankful, so far it's left my kidneys alone. I've met plenty that were on DIALYSIS it never touched their bones. I had one Stem Cell transplant & was on nothing for 2yrs. Got stomach cancer brought it back out full blast. Got that took care of 75% stomach removed, finished treatment. Immediately went on MM treatment Carfilzomib IV 2x week w/ capsule Revlimid 5mg.

was on 15mg. Revlimid, horrible side effects 15mg. way too much for me. Just getting ready to start 5mg.

Could I ask, what state are you in? I'm in MI. I get treatment at Karmanos, There's 2 research cancer centers in Mi. Karmanos is one of them.