Hi I am new

I just like to introduce myself and get some conversations going. I was diagnosed in November 2012 and have been on the MM emotional roller coaster ever since. I am on my 5th chemo cycle with no end in site as my numbers are going down slow. I would love to hear how treatments have gone for others and what how they have dealt with their symptoms, both emotional and physical.

Hi! I was diagnosed in August with smouldering myeloma and then within six weeks I got a spinal tumor. I learned the meaning of pain. Did you ever have lesions? How do you react to your chemo? Is it Revlimid? I only got through two cycles and my liver counts went up. I see the doctor next week for a new plan.

Emotionally, it's okay. I take one day at a time and don't worry about MM. What will be will be. I just deal with it as it comes up. I should worry more I guess. Jackie

Hi Guess, not worrying is a GOOD thing, keep that up. My worrying has probably been the toughest thing to deal with. Yes, after months of excruciating back and rib pain they found I had three tumors on my spine and multiple lesions on my scalp, spine, ribs and pelvis bones. I could hardly do anything and was monstly couch and wheelchair bound. After my first chemo cycle the pain all but went away, and thank God has not returned. Ohhh, to be able to sneeze with out excruciating rib pain is such a relief. I did two cycles with Revlimid, Velcade and steroids, but the revlimid did not seem to agree with me (fevers, nausea, weightloss, extreme exhaustion) in other words I was unable to function. They now have my on cyclophosphomate (I believe) with Velcade and steroids and I am taking this very well, Can pretty much live a normal life. The trouble is that my numbers aren't going down so fast so doc wants to up my doses. I am starting cycle 6 next week and am not even half way down. I rather go slow and steady and keep my lifestyle as normal as possible for my 7 year old, but at the samd time I want to get on with the show and put this nightmare behind me. In the beginning I was okay and much more possitive and hopeful, but seeing the numbers going up and down can be very emotionally draining. I hope you will stay strong and your numbers will come down fast so you too can move on with your life. Sending you my support.

great post to introduce yourself!