Kappa free light chain results

My husbands Kappa free light chain numbers are coming up for the third time. The doctors says he will start chemo when it hits 100. It is at 86 and was 46 three months ago. However, he is not going to even test him for another 3 months.
I would think it is likely that it would be way over 100 by then.
When do others start chemo ?
How important is it to start right at 100?

The day I was diagnosed I wanted to start my chemotherapy and did .I had 3 sessions. If I can answer any questions for you I’ll try.God Bless…

If your husband is going to have velcave as chemo check the side effects I was paralyzed from the waist down .I have had a lot of physical therapy

I am sorry to hear that it paralyzed you. Has the PT helped you? Yes will be on Velcade and he has had it before,too. Last time he was getting so he couldn’t walk, so they cut the dose down. He still can’t walk very far or stand too long. I think it causes neuropathy. Not doing chemo would be worse. My husband has had this cancer for 5 years now. His Kappa free light chain numbers were over 800 when they found the cancer. What are you numbers?

Wow,I had the velcade almost 5 years ago.I really have had a hard time with the neuropathy.

I should add I had a stem cell transplant May. 2009. So far so good.I get checked every 6 months.

This will be the third time my husband will be on Velcade in the 5 years. They will be starting it soon…if they will test him sooner than the plan of three months. He could not have the stem cell transplant because of other health issues. He has been hospitalized 8 times and in a nursing home 3 times for therapy because he was too weak to walk or get around in the last 18 months. So, are you saying that you have not had Velcade for 5 years. If so, that is really good.

I had a severe reaction to velcade as well and still cannot walk without AFO’s and cane. I was in the hospital and nursing homes many times for PT and care. I am still on chemo as I have relapsed. I have taken Velcade, Amiacin and Alercan (in pill form). My labs are ESR, Beta 2 micro globulin, and more rarely, bone marrow biopsy. Let me know more about Kappa testing. Very best wishes, Bob

Hello All, your life stories make me realize just how lucky I am, I have been on velcade,revlimid and dexamethasone for most of 2 years. I hope it all will soon be over as I had the transplant in Jan 2013 and am on aggressive maint. therapy until December if all goes well. I am almost in remission as all they could find last time was a trace of the light chains. The biggest side effect I have had is a little neuropathy and bowl issues . I also think it may have driven my blood count down as I just needed to have 2 units and my count was at 8.2 which is very low for me. I have worked long hours through all of this and am still surviving well.

Wish you all the best and may God be with you all and bless you all. He has cared and carried me when needed, may he do the same for you.