I could use your help

Some of you already know who I am. Nevertheless, for those of you, who don’t, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Niel Gnesin, although some call me Uncle Niel and My Traveling Band of Merry Misfits from KUFC Radio. Here is the short form of who or what I am:
I’m an I’m an Entrepreneur, Text & Audio-Video Blogger, DJ, radio host, station manager, voice artist, producer, podcaster, ReputationConsultant,
Graphic Designer, Content Crafter, Philosopher and generally a fairly nice guy. Oh yes, I’m also a Multiple Myeloma (Cancer) patient.
I have a very successful blog on Wordpress and a powerful podcast as well. I embarked on the podcast about three months ago and was hopeful that by this time I’d have a few dozen followers. At present I have over 300 active listeners and growing with each broadcast. I broadcast for three hours every Wednesday and Saturday. The show on Wednesdays is everything cancer. I discuss topics concerning Multiple Myeloma, and all the problems associated with it. From your first diagnose to where you are now on your journey. The show on Saturdays is a fun oldies show with comedy, interviews, dedications and so much more. I do this all alone, the voices, the characters, jingles and everything else. It’s quite the good time. I do this show, mainly to give folks a little time in their week to take time out of your hectic week and sit back, kick your shoes off and be entertained. That show does very well as people can call in and say a few words about someone they love who has this terrible illness. I announce birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes just regular shout-outs. I’m in the middle of putting together a Woodstock special that will last for an entire weekend with all the full sets of every band and artist who attended and performed and some bands that should have been there. Can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited about this project?
Recognize where you fit in I could use hour help with getting the word out. I want to do phone interviews from folks who remember that August weekend in 1969. I would love it if I could find some people who were actually there and want to share their memories. So I need help with that and folks who want to do some funny stuff for the broadcast. All can be done by telephone.
Now if anyone has any ideas on fundraising I would really like to hear them as I have tried everything the life coaches recommend I do, but I can’t seem to raise anything. I’ve tried asking for donations, acquiring sponsors and even tried using PlumFund to assist me, but I still come up hollow. The funds I require are about $30.00/month or roughly $270.00/year. That’s solely for the airtime. Along with that is the cost of advertising on Facebook, with our own app as well as marketing. We all know that cancer can be quite costly, and I simply don’t have the funds at this point. So if you have any thoughts, please let me know as I’m running out of them.
Thanks for reading this and if you can assist, please let me know.