Crazy dream

my dad died almost two years ago and last night I had a dream about me and my fiance getting married. We were standing at the alter and as we were saying our vows my dad walks in the room says "I'm Sorry" then disappears. I miss him soo much. Sometimes i get mad that God had to take him away from me and put him through soo much pain with this cancer.

I'm sorry, lostone, my dad is gone, too, from pancreatic cancer. It is especially hard when there are important events coming that you know they will miss. Your feelings are natural. Over time, you will reach some level of acceptance, and at that time, this dream will change and will become more positive. And for anyone living with MM, I hope what your have written here will remind them that family members do not forget. Gone is not forgotten.

Lostone, my parents passed in 1993, real close and very young, I hurt for a long time, my Lord how I miss them yet . I still have dreams about them, but they are not painful any more, sometimes they make me smile. You were close to your Dad, you know that he would have been there with you, and he is sorry that he could not be.

A very famous poet once wrote, I live to be remembered, you remember your dad and will pass it on, his life was a success- you are the proof.

As Dancermom has said, it will get easier with time, however you never forget...