CIK treatment in China. Anyone can share his experiences?


My name is Maria. My dad has multiple Myeloma. The cancer was detected at 1,2MM level. He has already overcame 2 chemiotheraphy treatments – Talidomid with 60% remission and Velkied – with the result of 0,9MM.

As he doesn’t response to these treatments as well as we’d wish, we are looking for an alternative ways of treatment.

We came across CIK treatment (cytokine-induced killer cells) in China.

If anyone of you overcame this treatment, I’d be glad to know his experience.

I’m also looking for the contacts to the doctors who work both with traditional and alternative medicine.

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Hello Maria,

My husband has multiple Myeloma . He done all treatment and transplant and now I ( his wife) looking for alternative medicine. let me know if you find something .... also I would like to get more information about your treatment in China.

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Alex and Nadia


I don't know nothing about CIK therapy - it's very hard to find the informations regarding CIK and Myeloma. But my dad is taking now huge doses of vitamine C and for the first time all the results are much better. It's nor remission yet, but the tendency is good (for the first time). So if you are looking for an alternative treatment, research this.