Blood transfusions

So, I have a question. Is it normal to have blood transfusions frequently with this. My dad has had 3 of them within the past month. I’m just trying to understand this. Thanks in advance.

Without more info on your Dad's status it is impossible to answer. I think this is not uncommon in pts with active myeloma. Blood content can be compromised by this cancer. All pts are different. Serum Ig's may be way out of line, or other values from blood tests. Make sure you are working with a myeloma specialist who works almost exclusively on myeloma patients.

As a MM patient, I also recommend strongly to only see a doctor specializing in MM. That person will explain exactly why your Dad needs the blood transfusions.

The Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania Hospital has a separate MM division with about 5 doctors. I see Dr. Brandon Weiss, the chief is Dr. Stadmauer.

Dr. Weiss determines my treatments and my local hematologist-oncologist gives them to me and I am under her care.

It would be very beneficial for your father to have a specialist in control of his situation.

Best of luck


Hi, I just had 2 units of blood given to me this past week, unfortunately one of the side effects of the myeloma treatments is the reduction of red blood cells. Each patient is different and the effects are cumulative. Myeloma causes anemia in a lot of patients (low red blood count). So you get hit with a double issue, the disease and the treatment effects. They most often do not take action until you are at a 8-10 blood count. Normal in a man is 14 and up. If he is on Velcade they should be taking blood samples at a minimum of weekly to determine his count. I have had the treatments withheld because of the blood count. Hope this helps


This is Rosie, I know anemia is one of the problems with MM, well I am originally from Peru, I am 70 y/o, in many counties we get a lot of bits juice, I get bits, carrots, celery and apple I process all in a juicer and both, my husband and I drink a large glass of this juice at least once a week, my husband has been diagnosed with smoldering Myeloma, on 11/09/12, his blood counts gets low and in a few weeks goes back to 12 more or less, so far he didn't need transfusions, he fells "ok" still waiting for a treatment. Thank you.