Treatment of Pomelyst and Decadron in relapsed myeloma

Has anyone out there have any experience with this treatment. My uncle is a 12 year survivor and just started on this regime...having lots of side effects.....neuropathy, dizziness, nightmares, etc. anybody want to discuss?

Did you have to have a stem cell transplant or chemotherapy during the 12 years or is this your first treatment of any kind ? I am not familiar with those drugs.I was diagnosed 5 years ago and still in remission I hope. I hope things get better for you. Let me know if I can be of any help :slight_smile:

Hi,I did a little research for you, and yes this is an established form of treatment, a newer combination regiment. I have attached the research results link. Looks like a good article with significant information.

I hope this helps


Hi Rodney, how areyou doing. Boy it has been awhile since I was on this site. So much has happened. I finally did my first transplant in August and did really well. Although I went in with very high numbers still after 9 chemo treatments my overall response was 94 percent and my bone marrow went from over 70 percent to 30. I will be getting my second transplant in January and because I did so well I am not worried at all and believe it will bring me into complete remission. So even though I am not done yet I believe I am a good success story :>)