PCI 32765 Treatment?

I have just learned of this inhibitor.

From the little I have read on this it sounds very promising. Can anyone comment on this? The link is from the Myelona News:




This is what I found on the NCI website about the drug...looking to see if I can find any more details on the trials and results.

From what I can tell, most of the closed trials have been in CLL (leukemia) and B-cell lymphoma. Though I did find this one active trial in MM:


I couldn't find anything in the medical journals about it yet in MM.

"Thank You" Danielle !!! I appreciate you taking the time to research this.

Hope all remains well with you.


Ok you guys, this study finally became available in my area and I am actually looking forward to the treatment. I am now Day 8 into the new study at U of M Ann Arbor. This is a drug which is less invasive and less disruptive to my life. It is called PCI-32765 or Ibrutinib. In pill form I am in group 3 of a 4 group study taking 840mgs, (6 pills), a day orally with no accompanying drug like a steroid. So far I am doing ok. Quite a bit of fatigue but other than that I have had NO side effects. These are 28 day... cycles lasting 24 months. I hope and Pray this hits the MM hard. Tough to go through all of this again but each day is a Blessing and we have to do whatever it takes. I am 9 years fighting this bitch and hope to go another 9 and more !!!!...Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed !!!.....11 hours today at U of M Ann Arbor starting week 2 of cycle one. "Thank You" for all your Prayers and support !!!!...."Love you ALL" !!!!! See Ya !!!...."CANCER SUCKS" !!!!