Metal replacement

Has any one had a metal replacement? I had one a week ago for my shoulder after radition for a tumor and found out the tumor had broken my arm. I would like to know how long before soreness goes away?

How extensive was the replacement? I have had several different metal devices implanted in my body. The soreness definitely improves to a point it rarely bothers me. At times it may cause neuralgia if a nerve has been injured in the process. Is your Dr. controlling your pain at this point? Does the pain radiate or burn?

Tracy Z.

Thanks Tracy! Right now yes Dr. Is controlling my pain with 20 mg of oxycodone every 6 hrs. I really don’t know how extensive the replacement was but I will check next week. I take it no nerves were hit I can feel and there is no burning. I’m just sore when I try and move the shoulder. But with your wisdom the soreness will go away and now I have something postive to look forward to. Thanks and God Bless

Hi Donna, I have never had bone breakage with MM so I can't give you an answer. But I wanted to wish you a fast recovery and let you know that there will be better days ahead. The bad days make the better days even brighter, so be strong for the best days are yet to come....

May God Bless and Keep You


Rodney, Thank You for a postive message. I hope nobody on this web site never goes through this. I also hope you are feeling better since your transplant. I been through that and felt on top of the world until this. Rodney your a postive person and reading the things write always are of good things and you will never know how many people you help.
Many thanks and God Bless you also


So so sorry to hear your news. Unfortunately I have never had a bone break so cannot help you with your question.

I do hope that things are improving for you and am sending you all the positive vibes in the world.

Take care