Help Advance Multiple Myeloma Research

Did you know your white blood cells can make a big difference? By donating these cells through a process called apheresis, you can help researchers find new life-saving therapeutics and develop medical breakthroughs for multiple myeloma. Sanguine Biosciences is looking to enroll patients in a two-visit research study, conducted at a local blood donation center.

By donating white blood cells, you play a vital role in helping to develop medical breakthroughs and you will receive up to $550 as a thank you for your time.

Option 1: You may qualify to participate if you:
● Are between the ages of 18 and 89
● Have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and have been in remission for 5 or more years
● Live nearby a current Sanguine or Sanguine-partner apheresis site (within 50 miles of Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Philadelphia PA, Fort Worth TX, Austin TX, Dallas TX, or Miramar FL)

Click here Apheresis Multiple Myeloma - Sanguine to sign up and call (617) 917-2335 to speak with a research coordinator and see if you qualify.

About Sanguine
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