Foundation One Genomic Profiling / Mekinist Drug

I’m treated by Dr. Barlogie (now at Mt. Sinai in NY) and he wants to treat me with Mekinist, a drug used for stage 4 melanoma. He performed genomic profiling on me last year through Foundation One and it was discovered that my specific gene mutation would be affected by this drug. Does anyone have any experience with it? Thus far, it has been denied by my insurance company but is in appeal. Plan B is to go on Empliciti with 15 mg Revlimid and Dex - how have you all tolerated that?

I’ve been enjoying this wonderful life with MM since November 2002 - have never achieved remission and in treatment with various “cocktails” since then. I’m new to this site and Looking forward to learning (and sharing) what I can from your various experiences.

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How long you had. Just been diagnosed smoldering multiple myeloma . Thanks pug

I was diagnosed in November 2002.