Extream Weekness and Flu Like Side Effects

We moved back to time for my Dad to start his treatment. I told him I wanted to go to the doctor with him and he seemed fine, but then a couple of days before hand he picks an argument with me that leads to hurt feelings and avoidance for a couple of days. After he returns from the appointments, he is no longer mad and things are fine. This has happened 2 times. He has been good about telling me his medication, what the doctor told him about how he may feel, and lets me read information the doctor has given him. I also have been researching it online. Up until now, he was feeling good, more active, and had a good attitude. Yesterday he was given his first injection of Zeledronic Acid. This morning he woke up not feeling well and then this evening while going to the bathroom, he got dizzy, walked out of the bathroom and fell over two chairs. He ended up vomiting on the floor and was so week he couldn't get himself up. My husband used his old hospital training to lift him up and helped walk him and put him to bed. Heading the side effects of the medicine and watching your loved one go through it is two different things. It is unsettling.

I wrote down his medications that I found on the table. This is the medication he is on

*Protonix (After researching this one, I am not sure if he should be on this one. When I googled it, it had articles that said it caused MM)
*Dexamethasone 4mg
*Revlimid 10 mg (1xday for 21 days)

He is also on a high blood pressure medication and one for his diabetes.


Is the bad side effects that my dad is experiencing tonight something normal or a bad reaction?

And is Power Aid Zero for electrolytes to fight off dehydration good for my dad? (2 months ago my daughter was rushed off to the ER for dehydration even though she had plenty of fluids, but not balanced electrolytes. Don't want to repeat that one.)

I don't have advice about the meds, She, but I wanted you to know that I am wishing your dad well and hoping he feels better soon.

Thank you. He is feeling better. I broke down against his wishes and tried to call his doctor, but he wouldn't let me. He allowed me to call the pharmacy instead. She took the information, thanked me for calling, and transferred me to the triage nurse. She could hear my dad getting on me about calling her and so she also called the doctor and gave him a report so that they could make adjustments for next injection. The triage nurse told him over the phone to take the Dexamethasone as scheduled (he was a day late, because he was afraid to take it when he was so sick) and to drink plenty of fluids. He makes such a stubborn patient. He did what he was told to do and started feeling better. Today he is also making jokes about how the Dexamethasone gives him insomnia and how he will use those extra hours.